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Try This At Home is a small publishing company based in Brigg, UK. The company was formed to put the "Max Airedale" stories in the public domain.


Max and the Suspicious Green Gooey Thing was originally written for a group of teenage boys and girls who had suddenly lost their sight and needed something that was going to make them laugh and want to learn to read Braille.

The stories grew in popularity and due to demand Max and the Suspicious Green Gooey Thing has been published as an illustrated book containing 12 chapters, each chapter being a self contained story of about 1500 words, with 2 chapters being a bit more challenging and containing 2500 words.

The first 3 chapters are available here for free.

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Max Airedale

Max Airedale is a dog who has to put up with a lot.  Given to a boatman by a furious old lady he embarks on a series of nautical and industrial adventures with his non too sharp witted owner and his group of friends and workmates who seem to spend all their time drinking tea and messing about with boats and large bits of machinery.

What makes the Max stories different?  First and foremost the stories are written to get a reaction, the reader will be torn between revulsion and laughter.  The illustrations are fantastic, bringing an extra dimension to the stories and extending the readers imagination. You will be horrified by some of Max's goings on, he is the true disgusting dog who uses his nose to locate the most revolting things he can find to roll in and share with his owner.

The stories use repeating text and phrase patterns which help readers to recognise sequences. We also delight in the use of the English language by introducing unusual words and phrases, because in our experience this extends vocabulary, provides rigour, adds interest and leads to discussion about the content.

Click on each of the images to read the first three chapters of the Max stories.

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Chapter 2

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Fed Up with Political Correctness?

Max Airedale is not in the least bit politically correct, he is just a dog doing what dogs do naturally and hopefully making you laugh in the process.  Some of the stories are so outrageous they will leave you astounded. 

The Airedale has been released from his kennel and will be making his way to a bookshop near you, bringing a smile and a gasp of shocked revulsion to every reader.

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If you would like to sell some books for us or think you could make our business flourish then please get in touch.  We are open to all suggestions.  We are donating a good percentage of any profits to help children make the best of their lives.  See the promulgations page for details of some of the schemes.

Currently we need people to act as sales agents and promoters.  If you would like to become a sales agent, have a look at our agents page and get in contact to receive a discount copy of Max and the Suspicious Green Gooey Thing.

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